About the Standard

The Software Component Verification Standard is a grouping of controls, separated by control family, which can be used by architects, developers, security, legal, and compliance to define, build, and verify the integrity of their software supply chain.
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Version 1.0, 25 June 2020

Project Leads

  • Steve Springett

Contributors and Reviewers

  • Dave Russo
  • Garret Fick
  • JC Herz
  • John Scott
  • Mark Symons
  • Pruthvi Nallapareddy
  • Bryan Garcia
The Software Component Verification Standard is built upon the shoulders of those involved. The project is inspired by the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard and the work of their contributors.
If a credit is missing from the credit list above, please contact [email protected] or log a ticket at GitHub to be recognized in future updates.
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